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How can you produce tasteful content to actually promote your brand, using very little.

From the archives, one of our favourites.   A great example of how a simple live event can serve as a perfect branding mechanism.   With a small budget you can make a big impact.

I am sure proud of this one.

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Amunegu and OFRANEH’s Alfredo Lopez on Radio Canada International

During Black History Month Monica Gutierrez was interviewed by Pablo Gómez Barrios on Radio Canada International about the video below:

The video was crafted after Monica’s Return from an delegation visit to Honduras during the 2013 November elections. The delegation visit included meeting with community groups who defend women’s, indigenous and/or human rights. Alfredo Lopez, profiled above, is a Garifuna leader and member of OFRANEH (The Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras). His fight to defend ancestral Garifuna lands from unsustainable tourism, often fueled by Canadian investors, is similar to the stories portrayed in our documentary Amunegu. There are strong, autonomous communities in both Belize and Honduras who are facing these issues.

You can hear the full interview (in Spanish) at RCI’s website HERE.


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MAKE IT VISIBLE Amensty International


Monica Gutierrez just finished two short videos for MAKE IT VISIBLE, an Amnesty International Canada campaign for the survival of Indigenous peoples in Colombia.

“Canadian resource and mining companies have secured government permits to operate in Colombia, amidst complaints by Indigenous peoples that their right to decision-making about projects that will impact their land is routinely denied. Indeed expressing opposition to projects brings threats and attacks. Through the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, the Canadian government is promoting further expansion of these operations without human rights guarantees.”

This campaign is about making the plight of Indigenous People in Colombia more visible in an international arena. Please share widely and take action through the steps outlined in the videos. Click on the images to see each video.

Monica Gutierrez

One video showcases a campaign to make visible the plight of Indigenous Groups in Colombia by holding the exhibition of Juan Pablo Gutierrez‘s inspirational photographs.

Monica Gutierrez

The other invites us to take steps to make the situation of Indigenous Groups in Colombia visible through your creative actions. Let’s make clear to Canadian and Colombian governments what we demand!


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Decadent Destruction, with OX Agency

3004 Studios finally had the chance to work with OX Agency, a boutique marketing agency in the east end of Toronto.   Aside from being an amazingly fun group to work with, OX is setting new standards for perfection in our eyes.  This campaign they came up with to show their clients their appreciation blew us away.   Every detail was thought through, and execution was tight right through to the release.

It was a pleasure working with OX to produce this video series.  We are anxious to work with them again.

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Art Starts – 20 Years, 20 Stories on Vimeo!

In the fall of 2012, Art Starts celebrated 20 years of using the arts as a vehicle to encourage social change in Toronto neighbourhoods. In honour of this anniversary, Art Starts approached some of the talented individuals who have contributed to our success and asked them to share their favourite Art Starts story. The result is this series of 20 videos featuring those stories, past and present, produced by Monica Gutierrez. The stories were released over the course of 20 weeks in the Art Starts’ website. Click here to see the 20 inspiring videos, each one telling a different story of creativity and community empowerment.

Art Starts Anniversary

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3004 Studios and MABELLEarts

Starting the last week of January, 3004 Studios is facilitating the Youth Media Lab at MABELLEarts with an amazing group of 6 youth 17 – 27 years old. We will be learning digital photography, video and documentary audio skills through hands-on exercises and activities. These youth will go on to play important roles at MABELLE in future large-scale. They will also be working hard at this year’s A Light In Mid Winter, ensuring that the work on display is well illuminated and that we have some archival material. Monica Gutierrez is leading the process with technical support from her colleague Galen Brown. 3004 Studios is very excited about this collaboration and about meeting a great group of talented and passionate youth.

Click below to find out more about the Youth Media Lab and MABELLEarts’ upcoming event “Inside/Outside”

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"Carrie" Live at Musideum; Sienna Dahlen

Currently in Paris for her European album release, Sienna Dahlen is stunning. Her newest album, Verglas, just received a four-of-four star review in the Toronto Star and is evidence of her continued professionalism and passion for her art. Working with her on producing this video was an incredible experience and her discipline and integrity inspire me. I wanted this video, a live recording of the song “Carrie”, the final track on the album, to be an intimate reflection of those qualities. Enjoy.

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Mike Rud – A Renaissance Man.

Mike Rud, jazz guitarist extraordinaire, has just launched his indiegogo campaign to produce his next album. Titled “Notes on Montreal”, Rud’s new album will also feature vocals from Sienna Dahlen, with whom I have had the pleasure of working with before and a dear friend. I can’t even imagine how powerful this album will be, especially for anyone who is familiar with Montreal (or lives there). Over the last few years, Rud has been reading through the extensive literature by authors like Richler and Roy and inspired by the vivid imagery of Montreal, crafted a body of music that echoes the literature with music.

I am not a music writer, so my descriptions of Rud’s talent and potential are lost in my attempts to tell you. You can see for yourself.

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Toronto Acupuncture Studio Gets a Sweet Makeover

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The Bridging Festival featured on Rogers TV

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